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About Us

Pretty Healed & Handsomely Whole is a female owned apparel line that was birthed through her private time of prayer. It was through reading the Word where she would find phrases and slogans that stood out to her. These words became daily affirmations and declarations. When she saw how impactful they had been in her own life, she wanted others to experience that same joy. The owner of Pretty Healed and Handsomely Whole also has 15+ Years of Experience as a Middle School Reading Teacher. She is an International Speaker, Best Selling Amazon Author, & Book Publisher. She helps educators and leaders tell their stories through written and verbal communication. The proudest title she carries is daughter of the Most High King, baby girl to her mother, and oldest daughter to her father. She is a woman who believed in who God said she was. She has had to overcome much in order to produce something that will impact this now and next generation. Join her in sharing Pretty Healed & Handsomely Whole.