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Unmute Yourself

What if you knew God always had a plan for your life? What if you knew that even when things were going terribly wrong, He was still working hard on your behalf? What if you could trust that He would take care of everything in His time and allow you to rest? If this sounds great to you, then Unmute Yourself is the book for you.

One of the most profound ways to share your story is through a book, which is why the Unmute Yourself book is so important. These are stories of women from all walks of life who have dared to unmute themselves and share their stories. Some have held on to their stories for as long as 50 years. Can somebody say jubilee? Other stories are as fresh as the revelation the women received as they penned them. Infidelity in marriages, childhood molestation and rape, identity confusion, identity crisis, domestic violence, being unprotective in their marriage, mother-daughter conflict, and more is discussed in this anthology.

With the hope that no woman will ever again feel silenced, these women spoke up in a way that was liberating for them and helpful to others. These women share parts of the hurting version with you. They take you through the healing version, but they leave you with the helping version. They truly do not look like what they have been through and even currently going through.

Unmute Yourself is a book that's not so much about being unmute but rather what it takes to be unmuted. The stories in this anthology are all the products of the choices these women made over the course of their lives. More importantly than discussing it, they tell you how they came out and leave you with spiritual things you can do to overcome or help someone else overcome.