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Standing On The Word Print Book

Prayers for the Next Generation

The Student Teacher is a great prayer book for teachers, parents, administrators, school personnel, and students of all ages. The book is filled with powerful prayers that you can use as intercessors to call on the Lord to save lives; establish peace and reconciliation in your schools; change the hearts and minds of those who are bullying or harassing others; keep your students safe from harm; and increase student engagement in class. This book will help you bring Christ back into your schools. Take this opportunity to go back to school with a prayerful heart, not just for yourself but for those around you.

Each devotional not only includes an explanation of its meaning and purpose, but also provides insight into why it was included in this volume, and how it can benefit you now or in your future ministry.

These devotionals are strategic in their approach for educators as well as parents to live out your life with integrity, love, hope, joy, and a keen awareness that you are created to create and be great.